We Pay Cash for Land – Quickly

We’re experienced land buyers who pay cash for land and close quickly. Don’t wait months for a real estate agent – get a quick, no-obligation cash offer, and then we’ll walk you through our quick and simple process that ends with cash in your bank account soon after.

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Within just three weeks of contacting Sell Land, my property was sold and the money was in my account. No hassle, no delays – just excellent service and a great price!

Steve – Sold 6 acres in Pennsylvania

Cash for Land: We’re Here to Answer Your Questions

Selling land isn’t something most people do every day – so it’s perfectly normal to have questions!

We’ve answered the questions we’re frequently asked here – but don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or fill out our form if you’d like to ask any of your own.

Don’t forget! We’re also always happy to answer your questions over the phone too. If we’re not the right land buyers for you, we’ll tell you right away.

Fill in our form on this page or call us at 314-639-9800 and let us get you a fair offer and answers to all your questions.

Is it quicker to use Sell Land or real estate agents?

It’s far quicker to use a company that buys land fast. Real estate agents are middlemen who broker a deal between you and someone else. It’s impossible to know how long it will take a real estate agent to find the right customer. It’s also impossible to know whether the potential buyer will be paying cash or be looking to close quickly.

There is no shortage of land sales companies online, but we’ve perfected our processes over a number of years to make sure we’re the quickest and most efficient.

Efficiency is an important thing to factor into your decision when you sell land online. If you use a company – like ours – that has worked hard to make their processes quick and hassle-free, you can almost guarantee that this means they’ll offer an even better price.

Sell Land

Do you use a title company to close deals when you buy land?

Yes. The internet has come a long way in the last 10 years – but it’s still vital that your money is kept safe when you’re selling undeveloped land.

By using a registered title company or a lawyer to send the purchase agreement to and have them oversee the closing of your deal, you can be certain that everything is above board and you’re legally protected when someone is buying land from you. Don’t panic about the cost either – we pay all closing fees as part of the service we offer.


(Takes less than 2 minutes!)

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How much land will you buy?

How much do you have?! After many years of running a successful land-buying company, we’re in the fortunate position to be able to still offer impressive cash prices for substantial vacant land properties.

We’ve never found a property that we were unable to make a competitive offer for. In the unlikely event that we’re not able to buy your property, our many years’ of experience means we’ll be able to make some suggestions for alternative companies to work with or alternative methods of selling.

Do you really buy vacant land anywhere in the U.S.?

Yes, we really do! Our many years in the vacant land business mean we’ve been able to purchase property in 43 different states – and we’re always willing to increase that number!

From large rural properties in Oklahoma to small vacant commercial plots in Florida, we have happy customers in virtually every part of the U.S.

Every deal has been an all-cash purchase that has closed as quickly as possible.

Do I need to make any improvements before I sell raw land?

No, absolutely not. Making these kinds of improvements is only a good idea if you’re willing to invest significantly in your property now to realize a better price when a real estate agent manages to find a buyer for you.

Unfortunately, this often means a large investment with no way of knowing when your money will come back. In some cases, people who have invested money in improving their property become so desperate to sell that they don’t recoup their investment.

When you get a no-obligation offer from Sell Land, we’ll give a “before improvement” price – meaning we’ll buy your land exactly as it is today.


(Takes less than 2 minutes!)

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Do you offer an earnest money deposit when buying land?

Yes, we do. This is a good question to ask as it gives a strong indication of the kind of business you’re dealing with.

Some land buyers work purely as middlemen, offering to buy your land only if they know they have another buyer immediately lined up. Since a buyer isn’t guaranteed, middlemen often don’t offer an earnest money deposit as it’s too risky.

The best businesses that buy vacant land will offer a deposit that secures your land. Those businesses – like us – can do this confidently because we’re not middlemen. Instead, we’re honest hard workers who plan to roll up our sleeves and develop the land ourselves. When we sell, the profit we make is a reflection of this hard work – not just a quick flip deal.

Sell my Land

Do I need to provide anything – like a land survey or information on local zoning laws?

While this information is very helpful, often times we can purchase your property with them. All we need from you is details of your property, then we’ll do this work ourselves. This is a great way of working for a land seller because it means you don’t have to pay any costs or do any of the logistical work yourself.

Since we’ve got lots of experience with zoning laws and the requirements of your local market, we can often do this work far quicker than an individual would – keeping costs down for us, meaning more money in your pocket when the sale is closed.

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Can You Offer Me a Price to Sell My Land Today?

Yes! We’re Trusted Land Buyers

If you ask for an offer, we’ll get in touch to ask a few questions about your property. From there, we’ll research your land and make you a cash offer with a quick closing date.

Remember, our cash offer doesn’t stop you from looking elsewhere. So if you’re not 100% sure about who to sell your land to, talking to us first is a great starting point. What’s more, we have many years of experience as land investors in the real estate industry – so we’re always happy to offer advice and insider knowledge if it’s useful to you.

Fill in our form below or call us at 314-639-9800 and let us get you a fair offer. We buy vacant land all across the USA, so there’s a good chance we could be your buyers. We’ve worked hard to make sure our entire sales process is quick and efficient to save you time and hassle when selling your land.

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Remember, getting a no-obligation cash offer doesn’t stop you from exploring other land buyers or sales routes – so why not get a price and get an idea of how quickly we could close?