12 Important Questions to Ask
Land Buyers (and Yourself)

Here, you’ll find the most important questions to ask land buyers when you talk to them.
We’ll walk you through what to look for when they answer your questions – as
well as pointing out some red-flag answers to look out for.

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I didn’t know where to begin when I was looking for land buyers. After 10 minutes on the phone with Bob the whole process was clear. I shopped around but came back to Sell Land as I felt they were the kind of company I wanted to do business with.

Gary – Sold 9.1 acres in North Carolina

A quick online search makes it easy to find land buyers or a real estate agent that will help you sell your land. However, as anyone with experience selling land will tell you, the level of service you can expect will vary enormously from one company to the next.

At Sell Land, we operate our family-run business transparently – giving you the power to decide whether or not we’re the right land-buying company for you. Not all direct land buyers share our commitment to great service, so it’s useful to be fully informed when contacting potential buyers.

In this guide, we explain some important questions to ask land buyers when you communicate with them – as well as what kind of answers to look for.

As a little added value, we’re also including some questions you might want to ask yourself. These aren’t things that are always possible to ask a buyer directly – but with a little online research, you’ll be able to find the answers you need in just a few minutes.


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Question 1: Will you be buying the property yourself? Or are You Real Estate Agents?

When you set out to find a land buyer, you’ll typically come across two types of companies. There are businesses actively looking to buy land themselves, then there are companies who market vacant land property aiming to secure a commission for the sale.

Whether you prefer to deal with a realtor or a direct buyer is completely up to you, but it’s important to understand what you’re dealing with before you commit.


Usually, it will be clear from a company’s website which type of business you’re dealing with, but it’s not always as clear if you get a call or email about your selling your unwanted land.

So, ask the question: Are you a real estate agent or a direct buyer?

Direct buyers are usually in the position to buy vacant land properties quickly and will often be able to give you a timeline. Real estate companies will often struggle to offer solid timelines – simply because they cannot predict how long your property will take to sell.

Again, we’re not here to tell you one option is better than the other – it will depend on you and your circumstances. Just make sure you understand who you’re talking to, and don’t be rushed into a decision. Realtors are often eager to get you signed up and committed to selling through them as quickly as possible. This means they can collect their commission if they manage to successfully sell your land – but it also means you’re locked into paying a commission, even if you sell without their help.

Question 2: What What improvements do you need

me to make to the property?

Every buyer will have plans for your land. For some, it might be building their dream home; others may buy it purely as a business opportunity.

Generally, people with a development goal will be eager to have the property as development ready as possible. After all, if you’re willing to make the effort and spend some cash to make your vacant land more appealing, it’s effort and cash they don’t need to find.

On the other hand, many direct land-buying companies, us included, will be willing and able to do this work ourselves.


So, which is right for you? Again, there’s no right or wrong answer – but it’s a good idea to work with a buyer who lines up with what you’re willing or able to do. If you’re willing to cut roads, install utilities, or have downed trees and debris removed from the land, then you might get a little more for your land with a private buyer through a realtor. However, if the idea of getting the required permits and then paying for work to be done on your land doesn’t appeal to you, working with a company that will buy land fast is probably a better route to explore.

When you ask what potential buyers want to see from your land, you’ll get a good idea of the effort required on your end.


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Question 3: Who is Responsible for Paying Property Taxes and Closing Costs?

Selling land isn’t something most people do very often, so it’s completely understandable when owners don’t understand all the costs involved.

Some companies that buy vacant land fast will take advantage of this – offering an impressive price, only to claw back a range of costs when you sign on the dotted line. This can seriously impact the amount of money that ends up in your pocket. Many individual buyers will ask you to pay for their closing or financing costs so they don’t have to spend as much out of pocket.


At Sell Land, we pay all costs associated with your transaction. This includes title costs, escrow costs, and all other closing costs. In fact, if we need to do any tests or surveys on your land while we’re in escrow, we pay for those costs out of pocket with no added costs for you. You are just responsible for any property taxes while you have ownership. We will pay the taxes from the date we purchase the property onward.

Finding land buyers is easy, but finding vacant land buyers who’ll issue a fast and fair offer while working completely transparently isn’t quite easy. Ask who pays these costs early to avoid disappointment when it’s too late to turn back.

Question 4: What’s Your Typical Turnaround Time to Buy Vacant Land?

This is a straightforward question and it gives land buyers nowhere to hide when you ask it. Traditional deals with real estate agents can take a long time and they will want to lock you in for 6 months to year long contracts – not ideal if you want to Sell Land fast.


A big part of why we get so many referrals and repeat business is our speed of closing. We buy direct from you – so there are no agents, inspectors, appraisers, banks, or other middlemen adding days, weeks, or even months.

Our strong work ethic and attention to detail – as well as the fact you’re dealing directly with the decision-makers in our business – means we can often close in as little as two weeks.

Question 5: How Does Your Business Work?

The land market can sometimes feel like a mystery. For the average person, it’s difficult to see how land specialists make money – and that often means people just don’t know whether they’re getting a good deal or not.

We’re straight-shooters. We’re in business to make a profit – but we have nothing to hide about how we do that. We make improvements – both physical and legal – to vacant land. We’ve dealt with bare land for a long time, so we’ve had time to fine-tune our processes and ways of working.


Our systems and experience mean we can almost always improve a property quicker than any individual can. This means we can offer you an excellent price and still have an opportunity to turn a profit.

Very few land buyers are as transparent as we are. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – but it’s a smart move to get a second opinion on your land if you’re not 100% sure that you’re getting a good cash offer.


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Question 6: Will You be Closing at a Title Company or a Real Estate Attorney’s Office?

No matter how trustworthy you think a company is, doing things the right and proper way is a must if you want to make sure you’re legally protected.

You might be under the impression that all land buyers follow the best practice of completing your land sale at a title company or real estate attorney’s office, but this isn’t always the case. Some investors will do ‘tabletop closings’ – meaning you don’t have the legal oversight of an independent third party.


It can be tempting to cut corners like this if it means extra money in your pocket. This is the main reason we cover closing costs – to ensure every one of our customers is protected at no additional cost. By using a licensed and insured third party you can be sure the title has been researched, the escrow process is handled fairly, and the distribution of funds is guaranteed.

Question 7: Will You be Offering an Earnest Money Deposit?

When you ask a potential buyer about whether they will pay you a deposit, you learn a LOT about their plans and how they operate.

Be warned; some investors are not willing to take a risk on property – but that won’t stop them from trying to tie it up without any skin in the game on their part.


These companies will often make an offer on your land, just to tie it up, and the shop your property around to see if they can find a buyer. They’re all about making money without any risk – and if it doesn’t look like that’s possible, there’s a good chance they’ll let you down and not complete the purchase, leaving you holding the bag.

The best land buyers will offer you an earnest money deposit right up front. This is how we do business – and we provide the deposit directly to you on the day you sign your agreement

Question 8: Can You Provide Proof of Funds?

If you want a quick and hassle-free sale, it’s a good idea to be working with a company that has the funds ready and waiting to complete your deal. When you’re dealing with real estate investors, you might think this is the standard way they do things – but this isn’t always the case.

In many cases, land buyers will rely on money from banks or other lenders to complete your deal. This doesn’t just add time to the process; it also means they could have no choice but to pull out of the deal if they can’t finalize funding.


If you want to be sure that a land-buying company can complete the deal, you’re within your rights to ask if you can see proof of funds. Usually, this would be a bank statement or a letter from a bank confirming they have the ability to pay.

At Sell Land, we always have the funds available immediately. We don’t rely on any financing, so we can complete quickly. When we make a commitment to buy, we’re always in the position to see it through.


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Questions to Ask Yourself

While it’s important to get answers to the questions we’ve listed above, it’s also a good idea to make sure you’re acting with your head, not just your heart, if it’s time to sell your land.

With that in mind, here are a few questions to ask yourself about the companies you’re considering dealing with.

Question 9: Are These Real People?

Websites are a useful tool – but they’re also an opportunity for sub-standard land-selling businesses to hide behind a logo and generic website.

When we do business, we like to deal with real people – so we treat our customers this way too. When you contact us, you’ll know who you’re talking to – and you’ll never find yourself passed between team members having to explain your situation every time!


We’re a family-run business, and we strongly believe this personal touch is what sets us apart. It’s also one of the biggest reasons our customers go on to refer us to their friends and families.

There are some great “faceless” businesses out there that buy land and commercial properties, but this approach isn’t for everyone. If you value talking to real people, working out what kind of business you’re dealing with is a good step to take.

Question 10: Are They Responsive?

How responsive a business is when you’re communicating with them gives you a good idea of how much they value you as a customer.

When you get in touch with land buyers, try to keep track of how long it takes them to respond to your calls, your emails, or your texts. If you have to chase them for answers or updates, it could indicate that you’re not at the top of their priority list.


No company is perfect of course – we’re all human – but if you don’t feel valued, there’s a good chance you’re not. There are many great land companies out there – so don’t be afraid to move on if service levels don’t inspire confidence.

Sell Land Fast Reviews

Question 11: Do They Have a Track Record of Reviews and Testimonials?

Almost anyone can put together a professional-looking website and fill it full of words designed to win your business. So, how do you dig deeper to sort the great companies from the average? A smart move is to explore reviews and testimonials.


It’s a good idea to look for reviews that can’t be manipulated. Look for ratings that real customers have submitted to the Better Business Bureau. Businesses can’t simply delete unfavorable messages from this service – so they’re a great way to decide if this is a company that’s genuinely offering excellent service and a fair price to property owners. Many online reviews can be faked – but video reviews where a seller has to put their name and face on camera are the most legitimate. Does the company you are working with have these?

Question 12: Are They Accredited With the Better Business Bureau?

As well as exploring reviews, it’s also a great move to check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if the company you might sell your land to is accredited.


Accreditation with the BBB is no walk in the park. To just apply, the company must have been trading for a certain amount of time, carry the correct licenses in its field, fulfill all business contracts and promises, and operate within strict ethical guidelines. That’s just a few of the conditions – but they’re big reassurances that you will be treated fairly and professionally.

At Sell Land, we’re not only BBB accredited; we have obtained the highest BBB A+ rating. For us, this is proof that we operate with our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer an earnest cash deposit?

Yes, we do. Since we develop all the land we buy, we’re not relying on quickly selling your land on. This means when we make an offer, we’re confident we want to purchase your land. We’ll organise an earnest cash deposit so you know we’re serious and you can be confident your land sale will close soon.

Do you cover all closing costs?

Yes. We pay for all closing costs so you don’t have to worry about them. In fact, we’ll even cover any unforeseen costs that come up when it’s time to close – so there’s no danger of any unexpected costs for you.

How quickly will you close my deal?

Typically, we’ll aim for a closing date in around 2 weeks. The nature of land sales means this isn’t always possible – but we’ll keep you always keep you informed and give you honest timescales.

Don’t worry if 2 weeks doesn’t work for you – we know people have busy schedules! If you’d like to aim for a different date, just let us know and we’ll work around your diary.

How soon can I expect my cash offer?

We’ll do our very best to get back to you later the same day or the next working day. Don’t worry if this doesn’t work for you though – just let us know when it’s convenient and we’ll be in touch!

I’d prefer to speak to you on the phone, is that ok?

Of course. We understand that it’s often more convenient or reassuring to talk to a real person on the telephone. We’ll answer as quickly as possible during office hours and always call back as soon as possible if we miss your call.

Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

Whether you decide that we’re the right land buyers for you – or decide to explore other options, we hope these questions will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about how to sell your land.

If you have questions for us – or you’d like to get a price for your land- just call or fill in the form. You’ll always get a quick and friendly response. We buy all types of land, whether it’s farmland, vacant residential plots, agricultural land, wooded land, commercial or undeveloped – we’ve bought it all! We’d be delighted to give you a fair and fast offer.

If we’re not the right buyers for you or can’t make the deal work – we’ll do our best to talk you through your other options too. You’ve got nothing to lose by getting in touch!

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