Land Selling Guide: 5 Things You Need to Know

There are plenty of services out there that will offer help if you’re thinking about selling land. The trouble is, it can be hard to distinguish genuine advice from sales tactics. Do they really want to help you to sell land? Or are they more interested in selling their service?

Here, we’ll give you the facts. When you’ve finished reading, you might decide to get a no-obligation quote from our team here at Sell Land. Then again, you might decide to use this knowledge to list your land with a real estate agent. Either way, you’ll have all the information you need to make the best choice for you.

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I didn’t have a clue what to do with the land I inherited. After helping me understand all my options, Bob at Sell Land made me an excellent offer. 16 days later, my land was sold and my money in the bank!

Amie – Sold 4 acres in Wisconsin

You’re a Land-Buying Company – Why Should I Trust Your Advice if I Want to Sell My Land?

We’re a business that buys undeveloped land – so you’d be right to wonder if we’re going to offer impartial advice. Surely we want to buy land wherever possible, right?

This isn’t how we work. Actually, it’s not uncommon for us to talk to people who want to sell their land and we point out alternatives that would better suit their situation. If we’re not the right land buyers for you, we’ll tell you right away.

As a family-run business, we believe that word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind – and we make that happen by offering sincere and honest advice. This commitment to integrity almost always leads to our customers recommending us to friends and family if they also need to sell raw land. In fact, we even get recommended by people we’ve advised to sell their land in other ways.

We’re proud to be an A+ rated business with the Better Business Bureau – an accreditation we’ve gained by doing what’s right for land owners, not just what’s right for our business.

1. Most Land Buyers Will Be Using a Financing Option

At a glance: When you sell land yourself or through a good real estate agent, you’ll expand your audience significantly if you offer financing options. This carries additional risk however.

With Sell Land, we’ll be paying cash – and we’ll be closing fast.

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There are countless mortgage providers that will lend money to people looking to buy their next home – but companies that offer financing for undeveloped land are much harder to find. When buyers do find suitable companies, they’ll find that the lending criteria is very tight, which excludes many potential land buyers.

This leads some land market advice services to recommend “owner financing” in an effort to attract more potential buyers. Put simply; this is an agreement between you and the buyer that says they will make regular payments directly to you until the land is paid off.

This might be obvious, but offering financing comes with a significant amount of risk. First, you’ll have to talk to a real estate attorney about putting together an agreement – and that’s before credit checks and other due diligence. In the best-case scenario, it takes you a long time to realize your full asking price. In worst-case scenarios, there’s a real possibility of missed payments or defaults, and complicated, expensive and drawn-out legal issues that can follow.

Real estate transactions with Sell Land are different

When we make an offer on your land, it’s a cash offer. We’re not waiting for a bank approval, and our offer is not contingent on a time consuming appraisal. In fact, we go one step further, covering all title, escrow, and other closing costs. We’ll even pay out of pocket without extra costs to you if further tests or surveys are required.

2. The Way Your Vacant Land is Presented Will Matter to Almost All Buyers

At a glance: To maximize appeal and price, you’ll often need to get your land ready – tidying, clearing, leveling, even cutting roads, or installing utility services or a building pad. You might need to get a survey, to mark the property boundaries.

At Sell Land, we’ll buy your property exactly as it is today, which means no work or costs for you.

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Tips you’ll find on marketing vacant land property vary from removing dead trees and debris to planting wildflowers to give your vacant land a splash of color. There are plenty of guides that even suggest cutting roads or adding utilities to make the land as attractive as possible for prospective buyers when they are exploring the land market.

The truth is, these things can be very important to buyers – even if they plan to roll a dozer onto the land shortly after the sale completes.

More often than not, potential buyers have some emotion involved in a land purchase. Is this vacant land going to be the perfect location for their new home? Will commercial buyers be setting up shop quickly in a tidy, well-looked-after area? Sure, some people might be looking at raw land with entirely objective eyes – but why take the risk?

To stand the best chance of selling land, you will need to roll up your sleeves and do some work. Alternatively, if time is a scarce luxury that you’d prefer to spend elsewhere, be prepared to pay someone to do this work for you. At the very least, you should clear the trash and debris from your land and take some attractive pictures. Don’t forget that selling land often takes months or years – so be prepared to keep on top of this work, taking calls from buyers and supervising site visits, on a regular basis too.

Why it’s different when you sell vacant land to our company?

At Sell Land, we take buyer emotion out of the equation. We buy AS-IS, WHERE-IS – with no cleaning, clearing, road cutting, or utilities required. Put simply; you don’t need to spend money to make money – we’re ready to buy your land exactly as it sits today.


(Takes less than 2 minutes!)

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Realtors who specialize in land sales will expect you to sign a long contract

3. A Real Estate Broker Will Make You Sign a Contract

At a glance: Real estate professionals will tie you into a listing agreement to ensure they get their middle-man fees.

This is standard practice – so it’s always a good idea to explore zero-fee options – like Sell Land – before you sign on the dotted line and commit to a lengthy contract.

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Most agents are responsive and professional when trying to earn your business. They quote you the top dollar price they can fetch for your property. But a month after signing the contracts with a real estate agent when you ask for updates with how the sale is going they no longer get back to you quickly. When you ask how to get the property sold the only advice they can offer you is to keep lowering the price.

If they aren’t doing a satisfactory job you can just rip up the listing contract and find a buyer yourself without paying them, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t how real estate agents work. When you sign a standard 6 or 12-month agreement, you’re tied to a contract that says they’ll take their fee whether they find a buyer and broker the deal or not. You’ve even tied in if you remove the property from the market and sell privately to someone like us.

Selling directly to our team is different.

When you sell your land directly to us, we’re not brokering a deal on your behalf and aiming to take a cut. We’re buying directly from you for cash today.

Even if you’re set on the idea of hiring an agent with experience selling residential lots or vacant land – it makes a lot of sense to get a no-obligation quote from us before you commit to lengthy contracts.

4. You Should Choose Your Price Carefully

At a glance: The price you choose for your land should be carefully considered. Consider who buys land in your area, what the land will be used for, and what buyers might typically pay. Research can be time-consuming – but doing it yourself is cheaper than finding yourself tied into a contract with a realtor.

Alternatively, we’ll provide you with a quick and accurate offer with no additional costs to factor in.

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Pricing land is a fine art. You should always start by considering who typically buys land in your area. For example, if it’s mostly families who buy in your area with a view to building new homes, you should present property features that will appeal to this audience. That would typically include proximity to local schools and other nearby amenities.

On the other hand, if it’s commercial companies who often buy vacant lots in your area, you’ll need to consider what they’ll be looking for before setting a price to sell your land.

In short, this step involves a lot of research and can involve digging deep into local land-buying records to avoid setting the wrong price, turning buyers away and leaving your vacant land sitting on the market for months or years.

What about getting a price from the Sell Land team?

We operate on a strict no-nonsense basis. When you get a no-obligation price for vacant land with us, that’s exactly what you’ll get – and fast. Remember, there’s no commission to pay, no additional costs to cover, and no financing to worry about. We’ll also do everything we can to beat any other written offers you have received.

5. Selling Vacant Land Can Involve a Lot of Effort and Patience

At a glance: Most land sales handled by a real estate agent take a very long time to close – sometimes years. During this time, your land will cost you money in property taxes, upkeep, and mortgage payments.

If you choose to sell to Sell Land, we can often close in as little as two to three weeks – meaning cash in your pocket quickly.

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Unfortunately, it’s a hard-to-swallow fact that most vacant land listed with realtors expires without selling. Since most contracts are 6 to 12 months in length, that can mean waiting for months (and sometimes even years) before a potential buyer makes a serious offer.

During that time, you’ll need to keep your land looking appealing, as well as pay for surveys, percolation tests, appraisals, title searches, title insurance, title company or attorney costs, and a handful of other fees – as well as property taxes, HOA fees, property maintenance, and any other holding costs associated with owning a piece of raw land.

How long does a typical Sell Land deal take?

Since we don’t rely on banks for finance, we can close on your deal quickly. In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to close in as little as two to three weeks.


(Takes less than 2 minutes!)

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Don’t Be Put Off By The Idea of a Fast Land Sale

We know; the idea of a quick sale has to come with a catch – right?

Talk to real estate agents and they’ll be sure to tell you that land-buying websites will offer you the lowest possible price for your land in return for a quick sale. Don’t forget though; it’s in their best interests to tie you to a contract, so they earn their seller’s fee.

When you deal with the Sell Land team, you’re not going to get rock-bottom prices. In fact, we’ll do everything we can to beat any written offer you already have.

Some ‘sell land fast’ companies will try to lowball you – but we have the luxury of being able to do things differently. Our market share and innovative systems mean we are well-known for making highly competitive offers that are often thousands of dollars higher than other online land buyers.

We Calculate Our Offers Based on the Highest Possible Prices for Your Land

Low prices don’t factor into our calculations. Quite the opposite in fact.

We base our offers on something known as the “after-improvement market value“.

This is the price based on what your land would be worth when all current issues are dealt with, and it’s totally optimized for sale and it’s end-use. We subtract the costs involved with getting it there, and factor in the profit needed to continue running our business – then that’s your offer!

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Are We The Right Land Buyers For You?

TRY US! We’re Trusted Land Buyers

We’re proud to be a transparent and honest family-run business. Like every business, we need to make a profit – but that profit comes from physical and legal improvements we make to the land and our efficient management of the transaction.

We’re probably not the right buyers if you’re looking to sell a piece of land that is already optimized and can attract an after-improvement price . However, if the idea of handling all of the costly physical and legal improvement work yourself doesn’t sound realistic, then why not get in touch?

We’re straight shooters, and we’ll never waste your time. If we can’t make something work for you, we’re happy to suggest some other options for you to explore. In fact, we often receive recommendations and referrals from people we haven’t been able to help but have followed our advice and sold elsewhere.

Fill in our form below or call us at 314-639-9800 and let us get you a fair offer. We buy vacant land all across the USA, so there’s a good chance we could be your buyers. We’ve worked hard to make sure our entire sales process is quick and efficient to save you time and hassle when selling your land.

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Remember, getting a no-obligation cash offer doesn’t stop you from exploring other land buyers or sales routes – so why not get a price and get an idea of how quickly we could close?