Sell My Land Fast: 3 Important Steps To Take

Want to sell land as quickly as possible? We’re here to help. As land buyers, we’ve bought thousands of parcels of land in less than 2 weeks. This quick guide explains everything you need to do to sell land fast.

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I was astonished at how quick and simple Sell Land made the entire selling process. The customer service was outstanding and made me feel confident from start to finish!

Susan – Sold 10 acres in Michigan

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The fastest possible way to sell land is to get an offer from us here at Sell Land. We just need a few details from you – then we’ll be in touch to explain how we buy vacant land quickly.

Prefer to talk on the phone? No problem. We’re here to talk to property owners who want to sell land for cash quickly. If we don’t answer immediately, we’ll call back ASAP.

Don’t forget! We’re also always happy to answer your questions over the phone too. If we’re not the right land buyers for you, we’ll tell you right away.

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Step 1. Forget About Using a Real Estate Agent

No matter what they tell you, real estate agents don’t sell vacant land fast. Most vacant land parcels will sit on the market for months without even being viewed.

Very few real estate agents understand how to market land online, and even fewer understand what people who buy land are looking for. Even if you find a good real estate agent with a buyer lined up, it’s extremely unlikely they’ll have your land sale wrapped up in less than 2-3 months.

If you want money in your bank sooner rather than later, avoid using a real estate agent.

Step 2. Shift the Financial Burden to Someone Else

If you’re not smart about who you sell to, selling land can be expensive. It’s not unusual for the costs involved with selling vacant land properties to escalate into thousands of dollars.

We’re talking about surveys, percolation tests, appraisals, title searches, title insurance, title company/attorney closing costs, and a host of other, often unexpected, fees.

When you sell land online to a company like ours, you’re dealing directly with land investors who will cover ALL of these costs. If any unexpected costs come up that might stop the deal from closing, don’t worry – we’ll cover those too, out of our own pocket.


(Takes less than 2 minutes!)

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Step 3. Don’t Spend Any Time, Money, or Effort Improving the Land

If you’re hoping to sell undeveloped land fast and a land buyer asks you to put any work into your raw land, look for another buyer.

Many buyers will be eager for you to do as much as possible before you sell your land to them – after all, your time, money, and effort will save them time, money, and effort!

We will buy your land as-is – even if it needs a serious amount of work. We’ll never hold that land-buying process up by asking you to do anything.

We Cover All Costs, We Don’t Involve Real Estate Agents, And We Buy Raw Land As-Is

We buy land quickly. We can usually close a sale in as little as 2 weeks.

We can do this because:

  • We’re not a real estate agent or broker acting as a middleman – we’re the buyers!
  • We have the cash required immediately
  • We’re experts in the real estate space with very efficient systems and processes

What’s more, we don’t expect you to do anything with your land; we’ll buy it exactly as it is – no improvement or work needed.

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Can You Offer Me a Price to Sell My Land Today?

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If you’d like to get a no-obligation quote from us here at Sell Land, the next steps couldn’t be easier!

Share a few contact details with us; then we’ll get in touch to ask a few questions about your land. You’re welcome to either complete the form on this page or call us directly – whichever is most convenient for you.

We’ll then go away and do a little research and homework. When we’re done (usually within 48 hours), we’ll call and give you your price!

When we say there’s no obligation to accept our price, we really mean it. Selling to us often works perfectly for people who want to sell land fast, but sometimes people decide to explore other options. Whatever your final decision, we’re here to help – we can even give you some tips on other ways of selling if you decide you’d like to explore them.

Fill in our form below or call us at 314-639-9800 and let us get you a fair offer. We buy vacant land all across the USA, so there’s a good chance we could be your buyers. We’ve worked hard to make sure our entire sales process is quick and efficient to save you time and hassle when selling your land.

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Remember, getting a no-obligation cash offer doesn’t stop you from exploring other land buyers or sales routes – so why not get a price and get an idea of how quickly we could close?