We Buy Land Quickly: Learn Why We’re Faster Than Other Land Buyers

At Sell Land, we’re proud to close on most vacant land parcels in 2-3 weeks or less. We’re also proud of our outstanding customer satisfaction record and hundreds of independent reviews. Here, we’ll explain how we can close so quickly and how we maintain our excellent customer service as raw land buyers.

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Selling my land with Sell Land was so fast and easy! They gave me an earnest deposit right away, and I felt secure throughout the entire transaction. Much appreciated!

Brian – Sold 12 acres in Texas

What Makes Sell Land So Efficient When Buying Undeveloped Land?

We’re not the only company in the U.S. that buys land, but we buy land consistently faster than any other land sales website or service out there. Read on to learn more about our processes and commitment to exceptional customer service.

Prefer to talk on the phone? No problem. We’re here to talk to property owners who want to sell land for cash fast. If we don’t answer immediately, we’ll call back ASAP.

Don’t forget! We’re also always happy to answer your questions over the phone too. If we’re not the right land buyers for you, we’ll tell you right away.

Fill in our form on this page or call us at 314-639-9800 and let us get you a fair offer and answers to all your questions.

When we buy land, we handle ALL costs associated with your land on your behalf

If you’re hoping to sell your land, you might be concerned that there are financial factors standing in your way. We often talk to people who have unpaid annual property taxes, liens, property management fees, utility bills, or other costs outstanding against their land.

Trying to get up-to-date figures for these costs – let alone settling them in full – can be time extremely time-consuming if you’re not familiar with the process. This is why we take this worry off your plate entirely when you accept our offer price.

If you have any kind of debt relating to your land, we’ll simply deduct the amount from the offer we make. We’ll agree to settle the payments with the respective creditors at the closing table – so you can focus on your cash offer without worrying about trying to find old paperwork or pay bills out of pocket prior to closing.

We’re NOT a real estate agent or middleman

When you deal with any land-buying service (ourselves included), you’re dealing with a company that has a goal of turning a profit. The thing is, there are different ways of achieving a profit for a land-buying business – and our way of doing things works out significantly better for you.

Some land buyers are middlemen – looking to tie up your property and not intending to actually close on it themselves. They will often make an offer, then stall on the closing date until they find someone they can sell to. If they can’t find a buyer, tough luck for you. You’re back to square one locating a reputable company to work with.

We do things differently though. We are the buyers who are going to be at the closing table putting our name on the deed. Then after closing we roll up our sleeves and put in the work – both physically and legally – to maximize the value of your land. This means we can close quickly and offer you a fair price for your land.


(Takes less than 2 minutes!)

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We don’t expect you to carry out ANY development work when selling land

It’s not easy developing land. There’s effort and cost involved with every step – whether that’s clearing trash and weeds or dealing with local planning authorities and complex legal paperwork. When you deal with Sell Land, we don’t expect you to spend time or money trying to make your land look appealing – we’ll offer you an excellent price regardless of the work that’s needed.

We’ve been land investors for a long time – so we’ve developed processes and ways of working that are far quicker than most landowners can achieve.

So, we don’t expect or want you to lift a finger when it comes to working on your land. We’ll buy it as-is and then do that work ourselves. Many land-buying services are happy to see you break a sweat though – which is another reason we’re faster than land-buying services and real estate agents.

When we buy land, we handle ALL closing costs and paperwork

When it comes to selling vacant land, many landowners are taken aback by the sheer amount of paperwork and unforeseen expenses that come their way. These factors can be daunting and time-consuming – and will often lead to unnecessary stress. This is why we promise to handle all your closing costs and paperwork coordination on your behalf.

We’ll put together a simple sales agreement for you to sign. When we receive the signed copy from you, we’ll open an escrow account for your money, forward the purchase agreement to a title company or attorney specializing in land sales, then arrange a closing date that works for you.

When your price is agreed, we’ll stick to it – no haggling or last-minute negotiations. This is peace of mind for you – especially because we’ll cover, out of pocket, any final tests, surveys or other factors required for the sale. Every detail – no matter how big or small – is handled with the utmost care, so the whole process is straightforward, efficient, and entirely hassle-free.

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Can You Offer Me a Price to Sell My Land Today?

Yes! We’re Trusted Land Buyers

If you’d like to get a no-obligation quote from us here at Sell Land, the next steps couldn’t be easier!

Share a few contact details with us; then we’ll get in touch to ask a few questions about your land. You’re welcome to either complete the form on this page or call us directly – whichever is most convenient for you.

We’ll then go away and do a little research and homework. When we’re done (usually within 48 hours), we’ll call and give you your price!

When we say there’s no obligation to accept our price, we really mean it. Selling to us often works perfectly for people who want to sell land fast, but sometimes people decide to explore other options. Whatever your final decision, we’re here to help – we can even give you some tips on other ways of selling if you decide you’d like to explore them.

Fill in our form below or call us at 314-639-9800 and let us get you a fair offer. We buy vacant land all across the USA, so there’s a good chance we could be your buyers. We’ve worked hard to make sure our entire sales process is quick and efficient to save you time and hassle when selling your land.

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Remember, getting a no-obligation cash offer doesn’t stop you from exploring other land buyers or sales routes – so why not get a price and get an idea of how quickly we could close?